Aloha and welcome. 


This site is dedicated to making your stay at our condos in Maui as great as they can be!


We'll tell you all about the Condos, the Resort, the immediate area, the beaches, snorkeling, restaurants, Luaus, supermarkets, airports, golf, Lahaina and the Island's activities from windsurfing to helicopter rides to farmer's markets to urgent care contacts.


Tap on any of the links and they will lead you to any and everything you'll want to know about Maui.


We'd love your input on the site and will add things that you've done, photos that you've taken and suggestions that you have, so please take the time to email us with anything you have and we'll add it to our page.


We take much pride in providing what we can to our guests and want you to enjoy your stay to the fullest.


Mahalo -


The Woodbury's

Ray & Kathy Woodbury

Tel:  909-821-3157




If you find yourself in need of emergency assistance with your stay, please contact:

Ray Woodbury - (909) 821 - 3157

Jennifer Holt - (808) 276 - 3063

Jay Xudan - (323) 459 - 4555