Checking in & Checking out



Aloha Guest,


When you arrive, please check in with the front desk to get a parking pass for your stay. If you arrive after 11pm and nobody is at the front desk, no worries, just get the pass in the morning.


Grab a luggage cart in the lobby and head up to Room 416 or 417, whichever your reservation is for. Please return the luggage cart to the lobby when finished.


About 1 - 2 days prior to your stay, we'll text you instructions to check in for your stay. They are very easy! 

The Automated Keypad Doorlock.

It is imperative to enter your door code correctly. 


This is how to do it;

1. Touch the keypad with your fingers and press in the code that you were given in the text.

There is WiFi for our condo;

For 416

The wireless SSID: RK416

Security Code: rk8083663

For 417

The wireless SSID: RK417

Security Code: rk8084960

CHECK IN (3pm) & CHECK OUT (11am). These times are firm. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


- Please empty your trash in the trash chute on the other side of the elevators.

- Please do any dishes that you may have used.

- Please throw any towels that you have used in the washer machine.

Thank you in advance for your consideration!


Please feel free to contact me for anything. I am not on Maui, but I am reachable at anytime. Should there be anything that needs attention, we have a staff on the island!



Ray & Kathy Woodbury